At Zebra, we have been piercing infants and children for the past 30 years. Infant and children's ear piercing is a skill that requires years of experience, care, and patience. In many cultures, piercing is a right of passage; we are sensitive to our clients cultural needs and expectations. We are proud to be a child and family friendly establishment.

At Zebra we offer...

❤️Jewelry options of 14K solid gold, Titanium, & Surgical Steel Studs
❤️ Ear piercing in a safe and sterile environment
❤️ Numbing cream (at an additional cost)
❤️ Antibacterial solution to take home
❤️ Full instructions for after care


 Recommendations & Requirements...


❤️ Provide your child with a child-safe pain reliever before and a few hours after (as you might with their immunizations)

❤️At the Walnut Creek location we provide you with a pager, or send a text message when it is almost your turn.

❤️ For soothing right after an ear piercing it's nice to offer your infant a bottle (or be able to nurse)

❤️We try our best to give you an estimated wait time if you would like to walk around outdoors.

❤️ Bring child's favorite toy as a distraction ( we have "Piercilla the Poodle") just in case.

❤️ Infant must be no younger than 5-6 months (depending on lobe development).

❤️We do not take appointments, anything piercing related is on walk in basis.


❤️Infection is rare as long a child is not touching and proper after care is being practiced.

❤️Risks in ear piercing are rare, but they are worth considering.

❤️Getting snagged during play (also rare)
❤️Pain (short term)



❤️You can download aftercare instructions here.

❤️Our floor staff will go over aftercare with you in shop once we get your release forms filled out and your jewelry chosen.

❤️You can purchase aftercare products/kits in shop - we will go over your options with you.

Different styles of children's earrings...
❤️For children's ear piercings, you have the option of 1) standard butterfly back jewelry, or 2) "flat back" jewelry.

❤️Not all of our piercers will use "flat back" jewelry on babies/children.

❤️Please call us the day you plan on coming in to ensure the piercer of the day will use "flat back" jewelry, if that is your preferred choice.

Option 1: "Butterfly back" jewelry:

❤️Standard butterfly back jewelry is the most common choice for infant/children ear piercings.

❤️These are offered in Surgical Steel, Implant Grade Titanium, and 14k solid yellow and white gold.

❤️The price for piercing labor with standard butterfly back jewelry included can range from $49 + tax, up to $115 + tax.

Option 2: "Flat back" jewelry:

❤️"Flat back" jewelry provides a smaller and flatter disc on the back end of the jewelry, which can be more comfortable for babies/children.

❤️Please be aware that "flat back" jewelry requires more steps and tools for the piercer to use, so choosing this option will result in a slightly longer piercing process for your child.

❤️All "flat back" jewelry is Implant Grade Titanium, with an option of Implant Grade Titanium tops, or 14k yellow, rose, or white gold tops.

❤️The price for piercing labor with "flat back" jewelry included can range from $106 + tax, up to $460 + tax.

*During your visit, we kindly ask for you to take crying babies and children outside in order to limit distractions for everyone. This is in consideration and respect for our guests receiving tattoos and piercings. In addition, please do not allow children to run inside the shop for their safety!

 We look forward to making this a fun, safe and pleasurable experience for your child and family😃
 Please don't hesitate to email us at or call us for any further questions.

  • Our jewelry is made in the USA.

  • Gift certificates available for purchase in shop.

  • Our Walnut Creek facility is inspected by the Contra Costa County Health Department and our Berkeley facility is inspected by the Berkeley Environmental Health Division. Our practitioners are licensed by these health departments which includes OSHA training and certification.

  • We are proud to be able to provide a safe and sanitary environment for your child. We welcome parents inspecting our facility before making a decision. We are doctor recommended and referred.


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