Meet Your Artist

Aaron Davis

Berkeley | Mon | Tue | Fri | Sat |

Specializes in Japanese, American Traditional, and neo-traditional styles.

Jose Aleman

Walnut Creek | Wed | Thurs | Sat|

Berkeley | Thurs | Sun |

 Specializes in black and grey but is one of our most versatile artists.

Nathan Emery

Walnut Creek | Thurs | Fri | Sat |

Specializes in traditional Polynesian and Pacific Island themes as well as Japanese and Traditional American tattoo motifs.

Beth Gould

Walnut Creek | Mon |

Berkeley | Sun|

Specializes in traditional tattoos & lettering. But loves to tattoo anything!

Jevon Coleman

Berkeley  | Tue | Thurs | Sat |

A very well-rounded artist but is known for his intricate line-work, lettering, and freehand work.

Nino Lapid

Walnut Creek | Sun | Mon | Tues | Wed

Specializes in bright bold colors. Produces a variety of styles & always prefers creating custom designs for each client

Brian Richter

Walnut Creek | Sun | Mon | Tues | Wed | Fri |

Raised in a traditional style of tattooing, but enjoys doing many styles of tattooing.

Marcus Ruybal

Walnut Creek | Tue | Thurs | Fri |

Specializes in black and gray, however does not limit himself to one style

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