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Hey y'all, My name is Ashley Rose, I've been with Zebra for almost 6 years. Zebra has always been the cool spot. My mom would bring me to Telegraph ave when I was younger to give back to our houseless friends. I hated that long drive from Vallejo to Berkeley, but it taught me alot. Being able to see and be around a community of people that help each other was something new for me. So, when I found Zebra was hiring I jumped on it, but didn't get the job. The manager at the time decided on a different candidate. So what did i do? I manifested and told myself "You're going to work at Zebra"  and sure enough the next year I applied again, and got the job. Never give up! Lol needless to say, I love it here! I really enjoy being being a manager, and love all my coworkers. They make everyday better and every day is different working here. From the street ambassadors, to the wonderful people of peoples park. I wouldn't change a thing! Come down to Zebra BK, and get yourself a new piercing so you can get that same experience!  
-Ash Gotta catch'em all  
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