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Piercing Numbing 

Numbing Procedure

At Zebra Tattoo and Body Piercing we strive to make your piercing experience the best it can be. We offer Tridocaine numbing cream for ear lobes, navels, nipples, anchors, surface piercings and oral piercings. As long as you have 30 minutes to wait for the cream to have its full effect this can be an option for you. Numbing cream can help ease your worry and take the edge off. Anyone over the age of 3 can get numbing cream applied to the piercing locations listed above. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

$10 per piercing. 

$20 for a pair of lobes or nipples.


Why can't my 2 year old get numbing cream?

When it comes to children under 3, applying the numbing cream isn't recommended because they may ingest the cream if it gets on their hands. It can also cause additional stress to the infant by a team member touching their ears multiple times.


Does it take away all the pain of piercing?

No, Tridocaine will take away about 50% of the overall sensation of the piercing. 


Can I use numbing cream on my tattoo?

We do not offer numbing cream for our tattoo clients. We recommend talking to your artist first if you are interested in applying numbing cream on your own time. Not all artist will perform a tattoo once numbing cream is used because it can affect the texture of the skin. If you have any further questions please reach out to your artist or the shop directly.


What piercings do we offer numbing for? 

Ear lobes, Navels, Nipples, Anchors, surface piercings, and oral piercings.

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