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Gabriel is the Resident Jewelry Specialist here at Zebra Tattoo and Body Piercing. Having worked with us since 2015, he has cultivated expertise in jewelry curation that highlights cohesion and harmony, placing the element and principals of design at the forefront of his work. Detail oriented in nature, Gabriel holds placement, texture, choice of stones, and adornments as paramount. Throughout his career, Gabriel has established connections with jewelers and artists that have allowed him to collaborate on curations with individuals looking for a more personalized and customized design. Bringing in special ordered pieces for these projects, Gabriel is able to apply the passion for his craft and fortified confidence in his skill in a manner that shines through in his work. With an expertise backed by a giant encyclopedia of jewelry knowledge that he says lives where his brain should be, Gabriel lives to offer guidance to those looking to materialize designs that will leave them glowing.
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