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Ears: Upper Ear, Daith, Anti-Tragus Flat, Forward Helix, Industrial, Orbital, Rook, Surface Tragus, Snug, Tragus, and Vertical Industrial

Face: Bridge, Eyebrow, Nose, Septum, and Anti-Eyebrow

Body: Navel, Nipple, and Surface Bars

Congratulations on your new piercing!

Now comes the most important part to ensure the best healing possible. Clean your piercing for the full healing timeAlways wash your hands with soap & water before cleaning your piercing. Minor discharge, crust & redness are normal during the healing process.

Follow these 3 steps for a happy healing piercing!


Excessive swelling, green/yellow discharge, a rash or excessive redness, or if jewelry is becoming imbedded due to swelling


DO NOT use ALCOHOL or HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. These are too harsh to use on a new piercing. These can cause irritation and prolong the healing process. (Do not use NEOSPORIN unless directed by your Piercer or Physician.)

DO NOT Twist, Touch or play with your Jewelry. The only time you want to come into contact with the jewelry is when you re cleaning your piercing.

DO NOT Remove your Jewelry. Wait until the piercing is fully healed before you REMOVE or CHANGE your jewelry. Once piercing is healed you may change the jewelry, but keep in mind that if the jewelry is out for too long the piercing can begin to close.

DO NOT OVER CLEAN. Cleaning is good, but over-cleaning can irritate the piercing.

DO NOT Sleep on the Piercing. Sleeping on the piercing will cause irritation, and can cause your piercings to heal at an unnatural angle.

DO NOT Catch your Hair on the Jewelry. If this happens immediately untangle.

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